Training Schools (TS)

MOLIM’s aim with its Training Schools is to promote education and specialization of young European scientists (PhD students, post-doctoral associates, early career investigators, ECIs), especially those within the MOLIM action, in the scientific disciplines of the Action. Training Schools allow young scientists to acquire basic knowledge in the field of nuclear motions, learn specialized new experimental and theoretical techniques, as well as to enlarge their professional network.


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The 4th MOLIM Training School (MTS4)

4th MOLIM Training School: Bridging experiment and theory in precision spectroscopy (BETS), June, 26th to 30th 2018, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. Training School will be devoted to theoretical and experimental aspects of high precision spectroscopy. The topics include: spectroscopy of cold atoms and molecules, cavity enhanced spectroscopy, direct optical frequency spectroscopy, theory of line shapes, high precision spectroscopy as a tool of astrochemistry, first-principle rovibrational and electronic structure computations.

The registration is open to Master students, Ph.D students, post-docs and permanent scientist from all European countries. Affiliation to the COST MOLIM is not required to participate to this school. The school can welcome up to 35 Europeans trainees and 10 more students from Torun. The registration deadline is fixed at May 20th 2018.

The official website of MTS is available here.

The 3rd MOLIM Training School (MTS3)

The 3rd MOLIM Training School (MTS3) “New avenues in molecular theories: From the lab to beyond the Earth” was held at Palace Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia between August 31 and September 6, 2017. MTS3 is organized jointly with COST action CM1401, "Our Astro-Chemical History".
Book of abstracts can be downloaded from here.

The 2nd MOLIM Training School (MTS2)

The 2nd MOLIM Training School (MTS2) “Advanced technics for molecular spectroscopy and dynamics” was held at Paris-Saclay University, France between 2017 March 6 and 2017 March 10.

Country Persons supported Sum / € Average cost
DK 5 2438.3 377.4 €
FR 16 2464.0
CZ 1 537.6
DE 2 1149.6
SK 1 649.1
UK 7 2942.2
HU 2 983.3
AT 4 2081.1
ES 2 1000.0
CH 3 1500.0
TN 3 1500.0
NL 2 1000.0
SE 1 500.0
HR 1 500.0
TOTAL: 51 19245.2
LOS: 1 5000.00

The first MOLIM Training School (MTS1)

The 1st MOLIM Training School (MTS1) “Molecular Potentials and Dynamics: The Starting Journey”, organized by A. J. C. Varandas (Chair), Rui Fausto (co-Chair), and Pedro Caridade (Secretary), was held in Curia, Portugal between 2016 March 30 and 2016 April 3.

Country Persons supported Sum / € Average cost
IT 2 800.0 379.1 €
AT 4 1600.0
FR 2 800.0
DE 3 1200.0
GR 1 400.0
PL 1 400.0
PT 14 4870.0
RS 1 400.0
ES 2 800.0
UK 5 2000.0
TOTAL: 35 13270

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