Experimentalists, interested in atmospheric chemistry, astrochemistry, combustion and material chemistry, as well as femto- and attochemistry, and theoreticians working in the energy domain form this WG. High-resolution spectroscopy gives detailed information about the states of a dynamical system. Sophisticated codes to help assign complex spectra and give a molecular picture to what is observed is required. New techniques, including vibrational coupled cluster and sparse matrix techniques for eigenstate solvers, need to be developed. The strong interaction of leading experimentalists with theorists of this WG provides a quick feedback for both communities about the latest developments coming from this Action and from outside sources.

Leader: Lauri Halonen

MC Members
Salutation First Name Family Name
Prof.Ad van der Avoird
Dr.Andreas Hauser
Dr.Anouk M. Rijs
Prof.António Varandas
Dr.Chiara Cappelli
Prof.Christoph Jacob
Prof.Cristina Puzzarini
Dr. Edit Matyus
Dr. Francesca Calegari
Prof. Gunnar Nyman
Prof. Guntram Rauhut
Prof.Henrik Kjaergaard
Dr. Heribert Reis
Dr. Isabelle Kleiner
Prof. João Brandão
Prof.Kari Laasonen
Dr.Lionel Poisson
Mr. Magnus Ringholm
Prof. Majdi Hochlaf
Dr.Malgorzata Biczysko
Prof. Maria Luisa Senent
Dr. Maria Pilar de Lara
Prof. Martin Quack
Dr.Miguel Carvajal
Dr.Milos Milcic
Dr. Miroslav Medveď
Dr. Philippe Carbonniere
Prof. Roman Ciurylo
Prof.Rui Fausto
Dr. Sergey Yurchenko
Dr. Sonja Grubisic
Prof. Tomaz Urbic
Dr. Viktor Szalay
Prof. WolfgangErnst
Dr. DariuszKedziera
Prof. MagnusGustafsson
Prof. OveChristiansen
Dr. KęstutisAidas
Dr. Liudmil Antonov

Non-MC Members
Salutation First Name Family Name
Prof. Alexander Alijah
Prof. David Lauvergnat
Dr.Hazel Cox
Prof. Michel Herman
Prof. CherguiMajed
Prof. RobertoMarquardt
Prof. FredericMerkt
Dr. Marc Simon
Prof. Jacinto Sa
Prof. Thierry Stoecklin
Prof. Gilberte Chambaud
Dr. Roberto Linguerri
Prof. Francesca Mocci
Prof. George Maroulis
Prof. Vladimir Tyuterev
Prof. Patrick Cassam-Chenai
Prof. Attila Géza Császár
Dr. Janne Pesonen
Dr. Aatto Laaksonen
Dr. Sonia Coriani

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