Experimentalists and theoreticians working in the time-domain will form this WG. The experimental basis rests on, but not exclusive to, pump-probe spectroscopy and laser control experiments. Various theory strands such as wave packet dynamics, trajectory surface hoping and density matrix propagation are being developed to model and understand these experiments. Efficient codes are required, much advanced compared to the present to keep up with the experimental advances, especially looking forward to the use of modern facilities which will greatly enhance the capabilities in this field.

Leader: Martin Quack

MC Members
Salutation First Name Family Name
Dr. Alberto García-Vela
Prof. António Varandas
Prof. Cristina Puzzarini
Dr. Edit Matyus
Dr. Francesca Calegari
Prof. Graham Worth
Prof. Gunnar Nyman
Prof. Hans-Dieter Meyer
Prof. Jiri Vanicek
Prof. Leticia González
Dr. Lionel Poisson
Prof. Majdi Hochlaf
Prof. Maria Luisa Senent
Dr. Maria Pilar de Lara
Dr. Nadja Doslic
Prof. Nathalie Vaeck
Prof. Wolfgang Ernst
Prof. Lauri Halonen
Prof. MagnusGustafsson
Prof. OveChristiansen
Dr. Liudmil Antonov

Non-MC Members
Salutation First Name Family Name
Prof. Roberto Marquardt
Prof. Stuart C. Althorpe
Dr. Rita Prosmiti
Dr. Octavio Roncero
Dr. Fabien Gatti
Prof. Klaus Braagaard Møller
Prof. Françoise Remacle
Prof. Raphael Levine
Prof. Antonio Monari
Prof. Frederic Merkt
Prof. Hans Jakob Woerner
Prof. Markus Reiher
Prof. Jürgen Stohner
Prof. Jacinto Sa
Prof. Majed Chergui
Prof. Anthony Vlcek
Prof. Roland Mitric
Prof. Ruth Signorell
Prof. Emilio Martinez
Prof. Niels Engholm Hendriksen
Prof. Marc Simon
Dr. Jason B. Greenwood
Dr. Ioannis Thanopulos
Prof. Thomas Baumert
Dr. Károly Tőkési
Dr. Veronika Horka Zelenkova
Prof. Jeremy Richardson
Dr. Sonia Coriani
Dr. Felix Iacob
Dr. Nicolina Pop

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