The 1st MOLIM workshop

The website of the MOLIM workshop on Intermolecular Interactions is now available here.
The workshop on Intermolecular Interactions is part of the COST action "Molecules in Motion" (MOLIM). The topics include: fundamentals of intermolecular interactions, DFT in applications to intermolecular interactions, current challenges in Helium nanodroplets, intermolecular potentials, and cluster dynamics.
The workshop will take place in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), starting on the 2nd October in the morning, and ending on the 4th before lunch. The workshop venue will be the Faculty of Chemistry (Aula Magna Auditorium). The Faculty of Chemistry is located in the South Campus.
Speakers are encouraged to bring junior collaborators. Each junior participant will give a 15 minute short talk and present a poster.

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